Every day, business people communicate through emails, letters, reports and proposals. Without training, many people lack the ability to write clearly and concisely. The documents they send may have little or no impact on the recipient.


Our instructors will work with participants to help them write clear, well-organized documents that are reader-friendly. In our online class, they will learn to:

  • Write concise documents
  • Eliminate the passive voice
  • Create short, dynamic sentences and paragraphs
  • Organize their thoughts quickly and clearly
  • Write e-mails, reports and letters that bring results
  • Create documents that their colleagues will read and understand


Participants send two writing samples via email to the instructor before the class. The four-week class includes an interactive one-hour session each week, webcast live. Homework assignments are submitted to the instructor for weekly feedback. For participants who can’t attend the live webcast, a replay of the session will be available for their convenience.


  • Learn practical business writing skills from industry experts without the time and expense of travel
  • Join the class from any location for only one hour a week for four weeks
  • Send homework assignments at any time of day to your instructor at your convenience
  • Email questions/comments directly to your instructor who will provide individualized feedback you need
  • Interact with your instructor during the class as if you were in the same classroom
  • Replay weekly sessions at your leisure if you cannot attend the live webcast


Any business professional can participate in our online classes in two ways:

1. Sign-up individually for a slot in our Open Enrollment Sessions
2. Encourage your organization to schedule a group program

We offer special discount rates if your company or organization registers a group of 15 or more participants. Each class can accommodate up to 20 participants.