BusinessTalk was founded by Jeff Bannon in early 2004. After many years working in the communications skills training world, Jeff saw an opportunity to create an organization that would take advantage of the latest advances in technology, design, and teaching techniques from other disciplines.

BusinessTalk achieved this goal by:

  • Hiring instructors with many years of both theatrical and business experience to create a team of charismatic, upbeat teachers who understand the participants’ world.

  • Updating teaching techniques with the help of consultants from top business schools and law schools.

  • Working with cutting edge artists to create the most sophisticated teaching slides and support materials that have real impact in the classroom.

  • Using digital cameras and the most advanced computer technology to make videotaping in the classroom a long-term teaching tool.

BusinessTalk’s team of program designers, instructors, and technology experts has delivered seminars to major companies and law firms with stunning results. We look forward to working with your organization to provide these exciting advances to your people.